"Thanks are not enough for all you've invested in us.  I can only dream of being as successful as you!  You are an incredible role model!"

Sheryl - Pennsylvania

 Under the wing of a full-time practicing LNC, you will be 1 of only 8 to experience one week of a personal hands-on mentorship.

Visit your courthouse and learn your way around with your LNC Mentor and observe a trial in session.

You will receive your personal CD with templates you can load onto your personal computer; ready to use immediately.

You will receive your personal copy of all completed work reviewed by your LNC Mentor for your sample case report.

Legal Nurse Consultant Personal Residencies brought to YOUR home town.

​•  Organize medical records for medical negligence cases.

•  Screen cases for merit and formulate a verbal report of your findings.

•  Research and formulate a case report.

•  Identify potential defendants. 

​•  Outline breaches in the  standard of care. 

•  Apply appropriate standards of care to the case. ​

•  Draft discovery documents:  interrogatories and request to produce.
•  Prepare and complete a sample chronology of the significant events as they unfold in the case.
•  Receive hands-on guidance from your expert legal nurse consultant mentor.
•  Learn how to research and apply standards of care that include: Nurse Practice Act, OSHA, TJC, CDC, etc.
•  Review deposition transcripts and other discovery available.
•  Call attorneys in your local area to secure an appointment.   

Attend a Hometown Residency, receive a LIFETIME of support and continuing education to help prosper your Legal Nurse Consulting business.

Thank you for being such an inspiration for me and giving me the tools I need to be successful as a Legal Nurse Consultant.  Thank you for your sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

​Chris - Ohio

You inspire me with all your accomplishments.  Thank you for sharing how you made this work in your personal life challenges!

Carol - California


Legal Nurse Consultant Personal Residencies brought to YOUR home town.

"The marketing letter worked!  I have two attorneys now that want to use me and one has already sent me their BA agreement to sign.  I am excited I wanted to share this! 

James  - Georgia


    "Believing in yourself is the first step

       in making your dreams a reality"